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Dr. Holman offers Communication System Management (CSM), a highly effective hormonal/neurochemical analysis and nutritional therapy treatment program. CSM is a groundbreaking clinical model that addresses the common root of a broad spectrum of chronic symptoms and diseases, including addiction. Whether utilized as a stand-alone treatment protocol or in tandem with other therapeutic options, use of the CSM model can significantly enhance the recovery process and minimize the likelihood of symptom recurrence.

The human body is a highly-sophisticated Communication System that dynamically exchanges information between every cell. Our physiological responses to both external and internal events are communicated throughout the body by neurotransmitters, hormones, cytokines, and other messengers. Whether biological, emotional, or metabolic in origin, an imbalance in the Communication System indicates that stressors have exceeded the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis. The results are often evident in the symptoms of disease, addiction and a decreased quality of life.

Each CSM module consists of Initial, Restoration and Maintenance Phases.

• Initial Phase - Measurements are taken to establish a patient's baseline hormone and neurotransmitter levels and any imbalances which exist and a therapeutic protocol is established which includes Targeted Nutritional Therapy, as well as physical fitness and stress reduction techniques.

• Restoration Phase - The practitioner retests the patient at regular intervals to monitor the restoration process and adjust the initial therapeutic protocol as needed.

• Maintenance Phase - When HP/HPA axes function has been restored, symptoms are relieved and the prevention of symptom recurrence is sought, retesting establishes the patient’s optimum levels and TNT formulas are recommended to maintain them. Annual or semi-annual testing is recommended to monitor and maintain the patient’s state of health.

CSM protocols help reestablish the optimal ranges of neurotransmitter production, which facilitates the body’s natural ability to correct hormonal imbalances, thereby reducing the high levels of physical stress that accompany disease and addiction. Helping patients to balance brain chemistry through this natural supplementation program has been shown to aid recovery and relapse prevention.


Body Talk   |   Bio Scanning   |   Pre-Screening & Analysis   |  Neurotransmitter Testing  |  Nutritional  Therapy  |  Chiropractic